Rich Eisen details why Tom Brady joining Miami Dolphins makes ‘total, complete sense’

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Now that the seasons of the Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have both come to an end, the whispers linking Tom Brady to the Dolphins might grow louder.

Rich Eisen recently pegged the Dolphins as an ideal landing spot for the seven-time Super Bowl champ.

“If he wants to keep playing football and give himself a shot at winning one and give himself a situation where he would be set up personally in a way that pleases him, he would go to the Miami Dolphins,” Eisen said. “It makes total, complete sense, except for the fact that Tua’s [Tagovailoa] there.”

The situation regarding Tagovailoa in Miami is one that fans will surely keep an eye on in the coming weeks and months. As fans know well, his season was a combination of some really high highs and some really low lows. Sadly, the lows were totally out of his control and dealt almost exclusively with health-related issues.

Tagovailoa appeared to be a real star when he was on the field this season. However, his two confirmed concussions forced him to miss four regular season games and the team’s sole playoff game.

Beyond that, there are surely some concerns about his ability to stay healthy for the long term. After all, it is a widely known fact that a history of concussions increases the risk of future concussions taking place. Health concerns aside, it puts the Dolphins in a pretty sticky situation.

Availability is the best ability in pro sports, and Tagovailoa has not yet proven that he can stay consistently healthy at the pro level. He has missed games in every season thus far in his NFL career.

Despite that, the 24-year-old is reportedly expected back as the Dolphins starting quarterback next season.

As for Brady, he has been an iron man throughout his NFL career. That remains true despite the fact that he is now 45 years old.

Miami is surely an enticing option for any quarterback, thanks primarily to star wide receivers Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle.

“It would be off the charts that if Brady, with the quickest trigger in the league, is behind a line that can run block to support him finding maybe the fastest receivers off the line. And Brady protects himself in a way that Tua clearly cannot right now.”

At the moment, it is really hard to predict what the future may hold. What is clear, however, is that rumors linking Brady and the Dolphins will likely continue until the NFL legend makes a decision regarding his future.

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