Mike Gesicki seems to throw shade at Miami Dolphins while praising Dawson Knox and Buffalo Bills

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Miami Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki has had a rather quiet season so far, and in a recent installment of the NFL’s “Mic’d Up” series, Gesicki was caught seemingly complaining about his role with the team.

He did so while talking to Bills tight end Dawson Knox following the Dolphins’ heartbreaking Week 15 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

While it is fair to assume that Dolphins fans will be upset with Gesicki, it is also important to note that there is a rather high chance that he did not even know that Knox was mic’d up for the game.

It’s a pretty questionable job by the editors and producers of the video to leave the private conversation in the video for all to see.

It stands to reason that Gesicki will be asked about this brief conversation by members of the South Florida press in the coming days.

When it comes to the complaints Gesicki had, there is a noticeable disparity in terms of how each player is used by his respective team.

So far this season, Knox has caught the ball 43 times on 58 targets for 466 yards and four touchdowns. He could be on his way to setting new career-high marks in terms of receptions and receiving yards in a season. Last season he set his career-highs of 49 catches for 587 yards. With three more games on the schedule, new benchmarks are very much in play for Knox.

As for Gesicki, his usage and production have fallen off a cliff so far this season. Though he has scored four touchdowns (just two less than his career-high of 6 set in 2020), he has just 40 targets, 25 receptions and 274 yards to his name.

In 2020, Gesicki earned 85 targets, 53 grabs and 703 yards. Last season, he hit career marks of 112 targets, 73 catches and 780 yards.

Given all that, it isn’t much of a shock to learn that he is envious of how Knox factors into the Bills’ high-powered offense.

This season, Gesicki is serving a one-year deal worth nearly $11 million. Given how frustrated he seems to be with his role in the team’s offense, it is quite possible that these final three games of the 2022 regular season will be his last regular season games with the team.

However, he will surely give it all he’s got to help the team advance to the playoffs and earn a nice multiyear offer either from the Dolphins or some other team around the league in the 2023 NFL offseason.

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