Stephen A. Smith says Tyreek Hill is more important to Miami Dolphins than Tua Tagovailoa

Tua Tagovailoa and Tyreek Hill

The Miami Dolphins have a wealth of talent on the offensive side of the ball, and the connection between quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and receiver Tyreek Hill has been something to behold.

The two are putting in career seasons and major reasons why the Dolphins are 6-3 on the campaign. The impressive play has left many to wonder who is the most important piece of the Dolphins offense.

In a recent debate on ESPN’s “First Take,” outspoken media personality Stephen A. Smith claimed that Hill is more important to the Dolphins than his quarterback is.

“For me, it’s Tyreek,” Smith said. “I firmly understand the notion of Tua and him being the quarterback and how they looked without him when Teddy Bridgewater was at the quarterback position. It wasn’t the same. It was a clear, precipitous drop-off. There’s no denying that. We understand that. But, when I think about Tyreek Hill, I think about the guy that departed from Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes.

“I think about the guy that committed blasphemy, as far as I was concerned, when he talked about Tua and how he was more accurate than Patrick Mahomes. I’m thinking about that guy that tried to put Tua on a pedestal and sort of big-up him to some degree. And then I’m thinking about the guy that followed that up with 76 receptions for over 1,000 yards, and we’re only halfway through the season. … If there is one dude in the entire National Football League who stands out above the crowd, that can turn a five-yard pass into taking it to the house, it’s Tyreek Hill. … This brother is something electrifying. He is a league MVP candidate.”

The language regarding Tagovailoa has shifted over the last couple of months, and fans and experts alike are beginning to agree that he does indeed look like a franchise quarterback.

Heading into the season, there were many who believed he was on his way to being an NFL bust. Now, it seems like he is headed toward becoming a Pro Bowler this season.

Given how the season has progressed, it is still a bit hard to see how Hill is more important to the Dolphins. The Dolphins have gotten the win in every game that Tagovailoa has started and finished this season.

Their three losses came in the game that he was knocked out of with a head injury versus the Cincinnati Bengals and two following games, which he missed.

Hill dominated in two of those three games, but the Dolphins suffered losses nonetheless.

Luckily, the debate has very little impact on the Dolphins. Hill and Tagovailoa are both enjoying career years, and their team is benefiting as a result. That’s all that matters in South Florida.

At 6-3, the Dolphins have one more game before their bye week. They’ll host the Cleveland Browns on Sunday in a game that should end with a Miami victory.

Without a doubt, Tagovailoa and Hill will be leading the charge for the electrifying Dolphins offense.