Opposing defensive coordinator believes Mike McDaniel’s offense has yet to fully reveal itself

Mike McDaniel

The Miami Dolphins have started off the 2022 season 2-0 thanks in large part to their explosive offense.

That offense was on full display against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 2, as Miami was down 35-14 at the start of the fourth quarter before being led to an epic comeback by Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle and company.

Through the first two weeks of the season, the Dolphins are ranked second in the league in yards of total offense. Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel, who is offensive-minded, obviously has a lot to do with that.

While Miami’s offense has looked really good under McDaniel, it’s possible that the world hasn’t seen the full extent of the offense yet.

“Speaking of Tua, as spectacular as his fourth quarter was throwing to Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, an opposing defensive coordinator I spoke to thinks Mike McDaniel’s offense has yet to fully reveal itself,” wrote ESPN’s Dan Graziano. “Remember, before they brought in Hill, they Dolphins signed running backs Raheem Mostert and Chase Edmonds. McDaniel comes from that Kyle Shanahan tree in which pass games are designed as offshoots of the run game. Other coaches are curious to see how McDaniel builds out the foundation of his run game moving forward, and the thought is that the electrifying weapons in the passing game will be even more frightening once that establishes itself.”

Opposing teams should definitely be a bit worried if McDaniel’s offense hasn’t fully revealed itself. Sunday’s win in Baltimore showed exactly what the team is capable of.

The Dolphins had many great plays throughout the game, including a 48-yard bomb from Tagovailia to Hill that was later revealed to be called the “f— it” play.

Miami struggled mightily on offense the past few seasons under former head coach Brian Flores, so Dolphins fans are definitely happy with what the team has shown in the first two games under McDaniel. The franchise seemingly hasn’t had a spectacular offense since Don Shula and Dan Marino were leading the way.

Things are certainly different now. With McDaniel calling the shots, it seems like a big play can happen at any time. Tagovailoa and Hill also connected on a 60-yard touchdown on Sunday.

The team’s passing game has been outstanding this season, but the running game has left a lot to be desired. Edmonds and Mostert, two of the team’s main pickups this offseason, have combined to rush for just 125 yards on 33 carries.

However, Edmonds did have a big run late in the fourth quarter against the Ravens that set up Miami’s game-winning touchdown, so there have definitely been some positives.

Miami will face its toughest test so far this season in Week 3 when it hosts the Buffalo Bills, who are coming off a dominant 41-7 win against the Tennessee Titans and have one of the league’s best defenses.