Report: Patriots traveling to Miami on Tuesday to get used to heat and humidity before Week 1 vs. Dolphins

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The New England Patriots are set to face the Miami Dolphins for their 2022 regular season opener, and it seems like the Patriots are covering all their bases in preparation for the match.

The team is reportedly heading to South Florida, where the contest will be held, several days ahead to prepare.

According to Mike Reiss of ESPN, New England will be holding three practice sessions to have its players get acclimated to the weather. The move is apparently “a break from the norm” for the organization.

“In a break from the norm, the Patriots are traveling to South Florida on Tuesday this week and will hold three practices in the heat and humidity leading up to the game against the Dolphins,” wrote Reiss.

Miami is known for its hot and oppressive weather, and while Dolphins players have likely gotten used to the conditions, some players of visiting teams probably have not.

Given that the weather in Foxborough, Mass., where the Patriots are based, is colder and more comfortable than South Florida’s, Patriots players probably aren’t used to the South Florida heat.

The Dolphins’ face-off against the Patriots will take place on Sunday. According to the weather forecast for Miami Gardens, Fla., which is where the Dolphins play home games, that day will see a high of 91 F and generally experience humid conditions.

Miami Gardens weather forecast

It will be interesting to see if the Patriots flying early to Miami brings positive results.

As for the Dolphins, they will look to come out on top and start the regular season on a high note. This past offseason saw huge changes in the organization.

Miami will finally get to see if new head coach Mike McDaniel is what the doctor ordered for the franchise. McDaniel will experience some sort of a baptism by fire, as his first regular season game as a head coach will be against Bill Belichick, one of the most decorated coaches in league history.

Fans will also find out if young quarterback Tua Tagovailoa can make a leap to stardom, given that he is flanked by a strong receiving corps, which includes newcomer Tyreek Hill.

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