Lamar Jackson seemingly expresses interest in joining Miami Dolphins with latest social media activity

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Although the Miami Dolphins seem quite excited about the prospects of young quarterback Tua Tagovailoa having a breakthrough season in 2022, a superstar quarterback elsewhere in the NFL may have recently revealed that he has interest in joining the squad.

One investigative fan discovered that Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson recently like a tweet that depicted him in a Dolphins uniform.

Lamar Jackson

The tweet also seemingly predicted that Jackson would one day win a championship with the Dolphins.

Though these kinds of circumstances in which star athletes like social media posts predicting that they’ll eventually change teams don’t typically indicate much, the situation for Jackson is somewhat different.

Most notably, Jackson is still awaiting for a contract offer that he deems worthwhile from the Ravens. Though he’ll make an impressive $23 million in the 2022 season, he is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent next year.

In fact, on the same day that this liked tweet was discovered, Jackson himself took to social media to contradict a rumor from a fan that the Ravens had offered him $250 million guaranteed.

If one thing is abundantly clear it’s that Jackson is not happy about the prospects of entering the 2022 NFL season on an expiring contract.

That not only makes sense because he is seen as one of most talented players in the league, but also because his style of play as a dual-threat quarterback makes him particularly vulnerable to injury.

Though he’s remained healthy for most of his four-year career thus far, he did only suit up for 12 games last season. His team missed the playoffs as a result, with a final record of 8-9 on the season.

As for the Dolphins, it is good news for them that Jackson could very well end up being a free agent in the 2023 offseason. Though the team’s front office is surely hoping that Tagovailoa reveals himself to be a franchise quarterback this season, having Jackson as a potential replacement is an exciting possibility.

At the end of the day, Jackson liking the tweet, and his other social media activity as of late, shouldn’t be much cause for alarm for Ravens fans just yet. However, it could be something to revisit later in the year if Jackson remains scheduled to become a free agent.

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