Tua Tagovailoa’s unhappy response to news of his marriage being leaked by media

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On Tuesday, it was reported that Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa married Annah Gore in July.

On Wednesday, Tagovailoa had a strong message about the report.

While Tagovailoa certainly has a point about the report perhaps crossing a line, there has to be a certain expectation from NFL stars that aspects of their private lives will be reported on. Whether it’s fair to not, that is part of the deal of being a sports star these days.

Hopefully, Tagovailoa and his new wife can enjoy the early days of their marriage despite the sense of intrusion that they may be feeling.

Between this story and news that the Dolphins have been severely punished by the NFL due to tampering infractions, it’s been quite a dramatic week for the organization.

Luckily, all of the drama has taken place off the practice field. Everything that has taken place during the team’s training camp has seemingly been very positive.

Tagovailoa himself stunned some people with a beautiful 65-yard bomb to Tyreek Hill earlier in training camp, and a number of other players on the team have expressed a lot of confidence in the quarterback and offense as a whole.

Things seem to be going very well for the team thus far.

Hopefully, all of the good news coming out of training camp leads to a lot of success for Miami once the regular season gets started.

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