Connor Williams reveals that the Miami Dolphins are planning to play him at center

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The Miami Dolphins certainly have what they need to take a leap forward in the upcoming 2022 NFL season. However, the team’s ability to ascend to the upper echelon of teams in the AFC will hinge largely on whether or not young quarterback Tua Tagovailoa can improve.

In order to put him in a better position to succeed, the team has spent much of its offseason adding talent on the offensive side of the ball. A number of veteran acquisitions have vastly improved the level of talent on offense.

One key newcomer is Connor Williams. Williams played the first four seasons of his NFL career with the Dallas Cowboys before signing with the Dolphins this offseason.

Though Williams played guard over his first four NFL seasons, it seems a change is coming. In fact, Williams recently said that he expects to play center for the Dolphins.

It’s an interesting decision, and time will tell if it works out for Williams and the Dolphins.

Of course, the center position is both highly physical and cerebral. It is often a center’s job to assist his quarterback in making pre-snap reads on the defense. Clearly, the Dolphins coaching staff believes that the 25-year-old Williams is up to the task.

If Miami’s offensive line can do a better job of protecting Tagovailoa this season, the team should benefit greatly as a result.

It sounds like Williams is going to have a major role in whether or not the team reaches its full potential.

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