Miami Dolphins front office member reveals he’s joined University of Miami

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During the NFL and collegiate football offseasons, there is typically a lot of turnover with teams’ coaching staffs, rosters and front offices.

While team personnel tends to stay in either the NFL or NCAA, there is some crossover. That fact was made evident recently when Brandon LeBlanc, a former Miami Dolphins front office member, revealed that he has joined the University of Miami football program.

The Hurricanes were once one of the most beloved and electric teams in college football. The team has since fallen on harder times, however, and it is still trying to get close to the glory that it enjoyed in previous eras.

The same could be said for the Dolphins. Of course, the Dolphins have enjoyed multiple eras of dominance in the NFL. That has not been the case recently, however.

The team has achieved two winning seasons in a row, but it has failed to advance to the playoffs in each of the last five seasons. After last season’s failed attempt to make it to the playoffs, the Dolphins decided to clean house on the coaching side of things.

Now, new head coach Mike McDaniel will look to lead the Dolphins to the postseason. McDaniel has received much praise from his players, and he seems to be the right man for the job.

A big part of his job in the upcoming season is making sure that quarterback Tua Tagovailoa can take the next step in his progression.

The team’s front office has done a lot this offseason to put Tagovailoa in the right position to succeed. Surely, LeBlanc had a role in a number of those decisions. LeBlanc had been with the Dolphins since 2021.

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