Mike McDaniel shares which teams Miami Dolphins will hold joint practices with during preseason

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As the year continues on, the 2022 NFL season edges closer and closer.

Now, with the 2022 NFL Draft and a majority of big free-agent signings a thing of the past, teams across the league are looking towards the next big moments of the offseason.

Such moments include organized team activities, training camps, preseason games and more. For the Miami Dolphins, the coming months will also bring some joint practices with other teams in the league.

Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel recently spoke with members of the press and revealed that the Dolphins will have joint practices with both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Philadelphia Eagles in the preseason during the month of August.

NFL teams holding joint practices has been popular for years. After all, these practices offer an opportunity for players to face off against other players that aren’t their teammates. It gives them a chance to grow, be hypercompetitive and prepare for the long season ahead.

For McDaniel, the practices will give him more opportunities to sharpen his tools ahead of the first season of his career in which he will be a head coach. His first season is likely to be a trial by fire, as the Dolphins have playoff aspirations despite having a fairly new coaching staff.

Ultimately, McDaniel’s success this season is likely going to hinge on quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s progression. If the young passer can take the next step and prove that he is a franchise quarterback, the sky is the limit for the Dolphins.

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