Report: New York Giants steal away valuable member of Miami Dolphins organization

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Across the world of professional sports, teams are known for mimicking successful organizations in hopes that following in their footsteps will lead to similar results.

That can sometimes mean adopting similar game plans or ideologies, and it can sometimes mean signing players away from other teams.

Another way in which teams often try to exemplify one another is by hiring key decision-makers away from other organizations. It seems that new New York Giants general manager Joe Schoen is doing just that with the Miami Dolphins.

Schoen has hired multiple former Dolphins employees as part of his staff in New York, with Chris Rossetti being the most recent one.

In 2021, Rossetti was the assistant director of pro scouting for the Dolphins. His primary duties dealt with player evaluation throughout the NFL in regards to free agency, preseason, trades, practice squads and the waiver wire. He was also responsible for scouting future opponents for the Dolphins.

Without a doubt, he played a large role in building the Dolphins roster as it currently exists. Though the Dolphins have not gotten over the hump and advanced to the playoffs in several years, the moves that they’ve made this offseason so far will hopefully be more than enough to finally get into the playoffs.

As for the Giants, they have a lot of improving to do before they become legitimate playoff contenders. New York is surely hoping that Rossetti will help the organization get closer to that goal in the coming seasons.

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