NFL draft expert highlights 2 potential offensive line options for Miami Dolphins

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The 2022 NFL Draft is approaching, which means it’s an exciting time of year for football players who are looking to take the next step.

There are plenty of players available in the upcoming draft who figure to have long and exciting NFL careers.

The Miami Dolphins would love to get their hands on some of those players, but as things stand now, the team only has four draft picks this year. In addition, none of Miami’s picks fall within the first 100 selections of the draft.

That’s going to make things a bit trickier for the Dolphins, but there’s no doubt that they’ll still do everything in their power to add some exciting talent.

ESPN draft analyst Jordan Reid recently offered his take on how Miami should approach things.

“I [would] look to target a center [at No. 102],” Reid said. “I think just getting some competition [for] Michael Deiter…would be really, really wise for them. Because I’m not sure if Deiter is going to be the athlete that they need at that center spot.”

Reid listed Dylan Parham and Cole Strange as prospects that he thinks would make sense for the Dolphins at pick No. 102. Reid had some really nice things to say about Parham.

“He’s one that fits really, really well as far as what they want to do from a zone scheme or wide-zone scheme perspective,” Reid said. “He’s a really athletic type…also very powerful, too.”

As for Strange, the youngster caught Reid’s eye at this year’s Senior Bowl and clearly left a solid impression.

Reid thinks there’s plenty of offensive line talent in the draft, which is certainly good news for Miami.

“I think there’s some talent all the way through from the tackles, the guards, centers, all the way in through the [middle] rounds,” he said. “I think you can find some good, quality players. Everyone is always looking for the pass-rushers. I think there are some high-level rushers in this draft, and then at the end of the day, then it’ll be some projection. Guys that have some upside to work with.

“So I would say…offensive line to me, I think is the one really strong position in this draft.”

Dolphins fans are definitely excited to see how Mike McDaniel does in his first draft as Miami’s head coach. The 39-year-old has already earned a lot of fans in Florida, and with a solid draft, he’d probably gain even more.

The Dolphins are looking to reach the playoffs in the 2022 season for the first time since the 2016 campaign.

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