Report: Miami Dolphins held virtual meeting with exciting cornerback prospect

Jaylen Watson

The Miami Dolphins’ draft war chest is particularly thin this year, but that does not mean that the team isn’t preparing for the few picks it will make in the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft.

In fact, a report on Thursday indicates that the Dolphins are looking at Washington State University cornerback Jaylen Watson.

Watson met with the Dolphins virtually and has also met with the New York Jets, New Orleans Saints and more.

From his tangibles alone, it’s clear why Watson is seen as an interesting prospect leading up to the draft. A taller and bigger cornerback who can run well is always going to be an asset in the NFL. That’s because these types of corners are perfect for covering top wide receiver talents.

What is quite interesting when it comes to the Dolphins is that the cornerback area is not necessarily a position of need at the moment. Byron Jones and Xavien Howard are both very talented, and they’re a big reason why Miami’s defense is highly regarded across the league.

The team’s interest in Watson could be a potential sign that it plans to move on from one of its corners in the relatively near future. It could, however, also just be an indication that the team is looking to add to a position of strength and thinks it might be able to get a steal in the draft.

As the draft continues to approach, fans can expect the Dolphins’ plans to crystalize even further. It seems like Watson ending up in South Florida would not be a big surprise.