New Miami Dolphins offensive line coach acknowledges that ‘everything needs to get better’ within unit

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins are undergoing a major shift this offseason, and the team’s new coaching staff is likely taking stock of what needs to be improved in order to get better for next season.

According to the team’s new offensive line coach Matt Applebaum, a lot of improvement needs to occur within his unit if the team wants to reach its full potential.

“A lot of things need to get better,” he said. “I haven’t studied the guys where I can say ‘if he improves on this one thing, then…’ I’m not at that level right now with the guys. Everything needs to get better. We need to find a way to put the five best guys out there to execute our scheme and have success running the football, protecting the quarterback and winning football games.”

There is little doubt that quarterback Tua Tagovailoa faced a lot of pressure last season. To his credit, he was able to handle the pressure quite well at times.

He was sacked 20 times last season in 13 games. He finished the year with 2,653 passing yards and 16 touchdown passes with a 67.8 completion percentage. Still, if he’s going to play at his best, he is going to need an offense that plays to his strengths better.

That all starts with improving the offensive line. Though Applebaum said he knows what has to change, he did admit that actually making those changes is easier said than done.

“What needs to happen is clear; executing it is not easy,” he said.

The Dolphins have enjoyed winning seasons in each of the past two years. However, they have not managed to end their playoff drought.

If new head coach Mike McDaniel and his staff figure out how to strengthen the team’s offense this offseason, it stands to reason that the Dolphins will once again challenge for a playoff spot in the 2022 campaign.