Robert Hunt’s hilarious message on his called-back touchdown vs. Baltimore Ravens

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Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Robert Hunt offered an amusing take on his near touchdown on Thursday night that was called back.

Hunt caught Tua Tagovailoa’s pass, though the scoring play was negated because he hadn’t reported to officials as an eligible receiver.

“I just kind of saw it and it was third down,” Hunt said. “I was, like, all right, let’s try to – it was a big game. I wanted to win. I just saw the ball, and I don’t know. I just blanked out, man. I just caught the ball and tried to run with it,” he said. “Calais [Campbell] did a really good job of defending the play, though.”

While Hunt was unable to celebrate the score, the Dolphins did end up adding three points on a field goal on that drive en route to a 22-10 win over the Baltimore Ravens.

Hunt further emphasized that winning the game was foremost on his mind, and he was simply making every effort to try and make that happen.

“Honestly, I was just – like I said, I wanted to win,” Hunt said. “I didn’t know if the play counted or not. I got the ball in my hand, and I wanted to try to score it. I just try to do whatever so I can so we could have the feeling that we got now, which is a great feeling.”

The play was certainly worthy of a laugh. The Dolphins earned their first winning streak of the season on Thursday. The team has now won their last two games, but it still faces a long road toward a possible playoff berth.

A seven-game losing streak earlier in the campaign has saddled them with a 3-7 mark on the year, with seven more contests remaining in the regular season. Next up for the Dolphins is a Nov. 21 road game against the New York Jets.

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