Rival executive demolishes the Miami Dolphins: ‘Where is the silver lining?’

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An NFL executive recently bashed the Miami Dolphins for a variety of things, including the organization’s failure to capitalize on draft picks.

“Your GM went all-in on Tua [Tagovailoa], your head coach has run through a bunch of assistants and then the defense is supposed to be the coach’s bread and butter, but they don’t have answers there either,” the executive told The Athletic. “They stockpiled all those picks without building a (strong) roster. Combine that with an owner who is in his 80s, where is the silver lining?”

The Dolphins have had a whopping five first-round picks in the past two NFL drafts. While it’s arguably too soon to come to any conclusions on many of those picks, one thing is for sure: Miami’s record this season leaves very little room for optimism.

After narrowly missing the playoffs in the 2020 season, the Dolphins are in danger of doing so again in the 2021 campaign.

Miami’s 1-5 record is the worst mark in the AFC East currently, and things reached a low point this past weekend when the team lost to a lowly Jacksonville Jaguars team.

Hope seems to be running low amongst Dolphins fans, but the remainder of the 2021 campaign could provide some light. In particular, Tagovailoa is looking to prove to the organization and fans that he is indeed the elite talent that the team thought it was getting in 2020.

With any luck, there will be brighter days ahead for Miami.

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