Report: Houston Texans wanted Deshaun Watson package to top what Miami Dolphins got for No. 3 pick

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According to a report, the Houston Texans told the Miami Dolphins they wanted a bigger package for Deshaun Watson than the one the Dolphins received when they traded their No. 3 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft to the San Francisco 49ers.

Miami received three first-round picks and one third-round pick from San Francisco in the deal. The 49ers wound up selecting quarterback Trey Lance with the pick from the Dolphins.

It was previously reported that the Texans wanted three first-round picks and two second-round picks in exchange for Watson.

“That’s about right, but it’s a negotiation so we figured that would be the starting point,” an NFL source told Armando Salguero of OutKick. “We didn’t think they’d actually be serious about that price with all that’s hanging over his head.”

Many folks have been taken aback by Houston’s rumored asking price for Watson, but it sounds like the organization means business.

“The Texans, represented in trade talks by new general manager Nick Caserio, are apparently serious,” wrote Salguero.

“From their standpoint, the San Francisco 49ers gave up three first-round picks to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for the right to draft Trey Lance, an unproven rookie. They believe Watson, a three-time Pro Bowl player perhaps not yet in his prime, is worth more.

“And, by the way, that’s what they told the Dolphins themselves when Miami inquired about Watson, per another source.”

The Texans are dealing with an interesting dilemma. They seemingly want the Waston era to end in Houston, but it also sounds like they aren’t willing to move on from him unless the price is right.

Given Watson’s legal concerns, there are a lot of unknowns for teams interested in acquiring him.

On the field, the 25-year-old has had a great career so far. He has already been named to three Pro Bowls. In the 2020 season, he completed 70.2 percent of his passes for 4,823 yards and 33 touchdowns.

The Dolphins have been linked to Watson for some time now, but it seems that they are confident moving forward with Tua Tagovailoa.

Tyrod Taylor was officially named the Texans’ starting quarterback on Monday. It seems like Watson will remain on the team’s roster for now.

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