CBS predicts Jaylen Waddle to be the Miami Dolphins’ MVP this season

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Even though wide receiver Jaylen Waddle has yet to play a game for the Miami Dolphins, one NFL analyst believes that Waddle will end up being the Dolphins’ MVP for the 2021 season.

Tyler Sullivan of CBS Sports offered his opinions on each NFL team’s potential MVP for this year and decided that Waddle is the Dolphins’ top candidate.

“It’s admittedly a tall ask for a rookie wide receiver to come in immediately and be an X-factor within an offense, but Waddle — the No. 6 overall pick at the 2021 NFL Draft — will likely be a key figure out of the gate,” Sullivan wrote. “Really, this has to do with the development of Tua Tagovailoa, who played with Waddle at Alabama. Instead of looking at the quarterback position at the 2021 draft following a rookie season by Tagovailoa that left much to be desired, the Dolphins elected to double down with him by adding weapons. If Waddle can come in, stretch the field and rekindle that chemistry he had with Tagovailoa at Alabama, that — in theory — should help the young quarterback make positive strides in Year 2, making the receiver extremely vital heading into this year.”

Waddle certainly will be watched by the Dolphins and their fans this year, with hopes that he can make a big enough impact during his first NFL season.

Bringing blazing speed to the field is one of the reasons why Waddle could deliver immediate dividends, with his past history with Tagovailoa at the University of Alabama also something that’s seen as a positive.

Tagovailoa’s rookie season last year went relatively smoothly, largely because he ran a simplified offense that’s expected to be more open this year.

Waddle won’t be Tagovailoa’s only receiver over the course of the campaign, but he figures to be a regular target for the second-year quarterback’s throws. How often he is may help determine if the rookie does end up being the Dolphins’ MVP.

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