Video: Fight breaks out between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather at Hard Rock Stadium

Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather

A scuffle broke out at Hard Rock Stadium on Thursday between former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul after Mayweather and Paul’s brother, Logan, promoted their upcoming fight.

The spark for the scuffle came while Mayweather was doing an interview when Jake Paul grabbed the hat that Mayweather was wearing.

The scheduled fight between Mayweather and Logan Paul is scheduled for June 6, though it’s clear that there’s no love lost between the two fighters, who were delivering some brutal verbal shots at each other.

Mayweather referred to the Paul brothers as “two fake fighters,” at which point Logan Paul ridiculed the hairline of Mayweather and also brought up his past history of domestic violence.

Critics of the scuffle will no doubt claim that the dispute was staged to hype the fight, but it’s doubtful that either Mayweather or either of the Paul brothers would admit it.