Report: Miami Dolphins may not have pursued Jadeveon Clowney because he didn’t want to play for Brian Flores

Jadeveon Clowney TItans

Earlier this week, the Cleveland Browns signed star defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.

Despite the fact that the Miami Dolphins have a clear need for a talented edge rusher, there was no indication that the Dolphins pursued Clowney this offseason. One possible reason for the Dolphins’ decision to not target Clowney could be because Clowney wasn’t eager to play for Dolphins head coach Brian Flores.

Adam H. Beasley of the Miami Herald indicated that Flores’ past association with New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick may have been why the Dolphins failed to sign the 28-year-old Clowney.

It is possible that the connection was why Clowney was adamant about not wanting to be traded to the Dolphins back in 2019.

“A source tells the Miami Herald that Clowney was also apprehensive about going from one Bill Belichick assistant to another,” Beasley wrote. “Bill O’Brien was Clowney’s coach his entire time in Houston, and the former No. 1 pick had enough of the Patriot (South) Way.”

Clowney ended up signing a one-year contract with the Browns, which makes them his fourth team in as many seasons.

While Flores did arrive after years as an assistant with Belichick, exactly how much of the Patriots’ mindset he brought along is a source of debate.

In addition, how much Clowney could have helped the Dolphins is also a question mark, considering his production has dropped off since leaving the Texans after the 2018 season.

With the NFL draft looming, the Dolphins will now focus on seeing if any of the talented defensive linemen available are worthy of an early-round selection.