Le’Veon Bell offers clear reason why he chose to sign with Kansas City Chiefs over Miami Dolphins

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Kansas City Chiefs running back Le’Veon Bell revealed why he chose the Chiefs over the Miami Dolphins after he was released by the New York Jets this season.

“That night was kind of little hectic,” Bell said. “The Dolphins were definitely in the mix, I was so torn between how much of a workload did I actually want vs. winning? At that time, [after my time] with the Jets, I was so focused on winning, I didn’t really care about how my production would look. It got so frustrating losing.

“I had already missed three games earlier in the season,” he added. “I [was] going to miss half the games this year. I want to go somewhere where I can still have my body and still help the team win. That’s what separated the Dolphins and the Chiefs. I felt like if I went to the Dolphins, I would have done a little more. It’s hard even trying to explain it. But it was real close between the Dolphins, [Buffalo] Bills and Chiefs.”

Bell signed a four-year, $52 million deal with the Jets back in 2019, but he didn’t even last two seasons with the team.

The veteran running back wanted to win, and now he will play in this season’s Super Bowl with Kansas City.

Still, Bell praised the Dolphins for the success they had this season.

“I think they’ve got some good young players, a great head coach,” Bell said. “Great defense. We played them and their defense is really solid. They’re building some good things over there.

“We’ll see what happens.”

Since joining the Chiefs, Bell has carried the ball 63 times for 254 yards and two scores.

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