Report: Miami Dolphins offer hugely promising sign that there’s no COVID-19 outbreak on team

Tua Tagovailoa Miami Dolphins

A new report indicates that the Miami Dolphins have likely avoided a possible COVID-19 outbreak in the wake of veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s positive diagnosis.

News on Thursday about Fitzpatrick’s situation and his being ruled out of Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills brought with it fears of a team outbreak.

The timing of that potential scenario would have been devastating as it would have come just days before the regular season finale against the Bills.

The Dolphins are on the verge of reaching the postseason, with a victory at Buffalo on Sunday officially clinching a berth.

If the Dolphins are unable to collect that victory, they must then hope for a loss by the Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns or Indianapolis Colts.

The specter of COVID-19 has hung over the NFL all season, with some games being postponed because of outbreaks on specific teams.

Despite being in a COVID-19 hotspot like the state of Florida, the Dolphins have been able to avoid such a situation, with this latest update allowing them to breathe a little easier to start the new year.