Report: Miami Dolphins now have 3rd overall pick in 2021 NFL Draft

Stephen Ross and Chris Grier

The Miami Dolphins have had a surprisingly successful season thus far, as they’re on the verge of an unexpected playoff berth.

But things will get even better for them, as they currently hold the third pick in the upcoming NFL draft.

The pick comes courtesy of the Houston Texans, as the two teams consummated a trade involving the pick last year.

While the third pick in the 2021 NFL Draft won’t net Clemson University quarterback Trevor Lawrence, it will be a major asset to the team’s hopes of contending for the Super Bowl in the near future.

Yesterday, the Dolphins scored a come-from-behind win against the Las Vegas Raiders thanks to some clutch play from quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Fins now stand at 10-5 and are on the brink of a playoff spot that few expected them to attain when the season started.