Amy Trask adamantly defends Jaguars’ Cam Robinson for ejection in loss to Dolphins

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Former football executive and current CBS Sports analyst Amy Trask is offering a vigorous defense of Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Cam Robinson after his ejection from Thursday night’s loss to the Miami Dolphins.

On Sunday, Trask was adamant that Robinson did nothing wrong and is prepared to offer help if the league ends up fining him for the ejection.

“Let me read you rule 12, section three, article one-e: ‘under no circumstances is a player allowed to shove, push or strike an official in an offensive, disrespectful or unsportsmanlike manner,'” Trask said on Sunday.

“Remember those last words? Cam Robinson of the Jaguars was in a fumble pile. … You’ve been in those piles, you know what goes on.

“There’s jabbing, bumping thumping. Everything’s going on. Cam tried to remove an arm and then another arm. They may have been bumping and thumping and elbows may have been jabbing him. And one of those arms was that of an official. I don’t think Cam knew that. And even if he knew it, it wasn’t disrespectful to try to remove that arm. And yet they threw a flag and they ejected him. There is no chance whatsoever that it was offensive, disrespectful or unsportsmanlike. Cam, if they try to fine you, fight it. Fight it, fight it, fight it. Give me a call. I’ll help.”

The play in question took place during the third quarter of the Dolphins’ 31-13 victory and was connected to a fumble by Jaguars quarterback Garder Minshew. In the subsequent scramble for the ball, Robinson came into contact with an official and was promptly ejected.

The Dolphins led the game at the time, 28-7, when Kyle Van Noy’s strip-sack caused the fumble. The play was representative of a night in which Minshew was constantly under siege.

Trask previously served as the CEO of the former Oakland Raiders, so she has experience when it comes to speaking passionately on behalf of players.

Whether or not Robinson is fined for his actions is something that will likely be announced this week. It remains to be seen if Trask’s analysis will end up saving the fourth-year lineman some money.

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