Brian Flores Offers Beautiful Message to James White After He Loses Father in Tragic Accident

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The NFL world was stunned on Sunday when running back James White of the New England Patriots lost his father in a deadly car accident.

White’s mother was also in the car at the time and is in critical condition.

The outpouring of love and support since the news circulated has been profound. Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores offered his own words of support on Monday.

“Just want to send my condolences to James White and his family,” he said. “I know he’s on the Patriots and we compete against those guys, but we’re a football family in the National Football League, and I just want him to know that he has our support. We’re praying for his mom right now. His dad was a truly great, great, great man who did a lot for a lot of people. I think people need to know about that.”

The message was powerful and important. It is easy to forget that NFL stars lead lives separate from the football field.

Sunday’s news was a sobering reminder of that fact.

It is impressive that Flores took time on Monday to speak his mind on the heels of a disappointing loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

While some coaches may have wanted to only discuss the game, Flores took a moment to remind everyone listening that there certainly are some things that are bigger than football.

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