Report: Austin Jackson Has Been a ‘Revelation’ in Miami Dolphins Practices

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Miami Dolphins rookie offensive tackle Austin Jackson has made an immediate impact in the team’s training camp, with one description of Jackson’s ability deeming him a “revelation.”

Jackson played collegiately at the University of Southern California, which has a long tradition of producing quality tackles. That legacy and fact that he was selected in the first round with the 18th overall pick shows that he certainly possessed the potential that he’s currently showing the Dolphins.

Still, there have been misconceptions about Jackson, including that he lacked the strength to be an impact player and a perceived lack of aggressiveness.

The strength questions were due in part to his continued recovery from bone marrow surgery, which he underwent in 2019 to help his ailing sister.

Jackson pretty much dismissed any notions about his strength by cranking out 27 lifts of 225 pounds on a bench press during this year’s NFL Combine. He also possesses 34-inch arms.

The aggression of Jackson was in evidence during Saturday’s practice, when he literally tore off the jersey of fellow rookie Raekwon Davis.

Some critics pointed to the fact that despite his first-round status, Jackson was the fifth offensive tackle chosen. However, the 2020 draft was a deep one when it came to offensive linemen, with the Dolphins selecting three of them during the first four rounds.

The fact that Jackson is just 21 years old means that he could be in the league for quite a while, with his next Dolphins contract not coming up for another four years.

Jackson’s rapid development could provide a major boost to an offensive line that allowed an embarrassing 58 sacks during the Dolphins’ 2019 campaign. If Jackson is able to deliver on the field, the Dolphins may actually be able to start considering the possibility of a playoff berth this season and in the years ahead.

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