Chan Gailey Admits Miami Dolphins Offense Already Having Multiple Issues

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The Miami Dolphins are hoping to start this season where they left off last season, when they won five of their last nine games.

Based on offensive coordinator Chan Gailey’s recent insight into the offense, that may be somewhat difficult to achieve.

Gailey recently spoke with members of the press and admitted that the offense is already struggling on some important aspects, most of which he would not name.

“I said we’ve had a couple of issues,” he said of communication problems. “If that was our biggest problem, I would be feeling really, really good right now.

“That’ll be one of the easier things to solve between now and game day than some of the other things that are going on and your next question will be, ‘well, what are those issues?’ And I’m not going to answer that, okay?”

Clearly, Gailey has a lot on his mind when it comes to an offense that is still very much in flux.

There are still a lot of positions that are up for grabs, including the quarterback position.

While veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick is expected to begin the season as a starter, the general consensus is that Tua Tagovailoa will be given the chance to see the field if he proves that he is ready.

Gailey has no problem being honest about the fact that there have been some growing pains, but he’s also not only seeing the glass half empty. He remarked on positive signs as well.

“It’s been good,” he said of communication issues. “It hasn’t been perfect. We still have some people not used to hearing the play call the way we do it. You have to listen in sequence. Linemen hear one thing, the next call in the huddle means something to somebody else, the next call means something to somebody else; so you have to listen to sequence and make sure you’re listening to your thing that you need to pay attention to. We’ve had more mistakes than we would have liked, but they’re getting the hang of it.”

Many experts agree that the Dolphins have a bright future. Right now, it’s just a matter of how far off that bright future truly is.

Hopefully, fans get some major glimpses of that success in the upcoming NFL season

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