Reshad Jones Indicates That His NFL Career May Be Over

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Former Miami Dolphins safety Reshad Jones is likely facing retirement after a storied career in the NFL.

Jones, who played 10 seasons with the Dolphins, is not planning to play football this season. He was supposed to get neck surgery, but that has been delayed as hospitals deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think I had an amazing run,” Jones told the Palm Beach Post. “I had a great career. Really I think I had Hall of Fame numbers. You go look at me, Troy Polamalu, Brian Dawkins, he played 16 years, I really had Hall of Fame numbers, just wasn’t on a Hall of Fame team. We just couldn’t put the games together. But I had an amazing career.

“A nine-year starter. A fifth-round draft pick. Didn’t get anything handed to me. I had to get in and work for everything. And then I get in and put the numbers up. You go look at sacks, interceptions, tackles, go look at anybody, Eric Berry, Earl Thomas, any top safety, and there is no safety better in the last decade than Reshad Jones.”

Jones made two Pro Bowl appearances in his career. He totaled 21 career interceptions, seven fumble recoveries and six defensive touchdowns.

The Dolphins released Jones, 32, in March. He had two years left on his contract.

The University of Georgia product struggled with injuries in 2019, as he played just four games.

As for his future, Jones isn’t ruling out a return.

“I definitely can play again,” Jones said. “I just don’t know if I will. I had a couple teams call my agent, but I can’t pass a physical right now. So a lot of teams when they call it’s just no point. They find out I have to have surgery. So right now, a lot of teams don’t want to talk because I can’t get on the field or pass the physical. But it’s not career ending. I don’t think it is. The doctor said I can get a surgery and play again.

“But in year 10, with all I have accomplished and financially I am set, I have a couple things I have to weigh out.”

Jones has certainly earned the right to decide when he wants to retire.

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