Video: Several Miami Dolphins Players Celebrate and Discuss Importance of Juneteenth

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People around the country came together on Friday to celebrate Juneteenth, and Miami Dolphins players were no different.

Juneteenth is a holiday recognized on June 19 each year to celebrate the emancipation of the final enslaved African-Americans in Texas.

It is considered the end of slavery in the United States after years of oppression.

Dolphins players Jakeem Grant, Adrian Colbert and Josh Rosen observed the holiday by participating in an informative discussion.

Makiba Foster, the manager of the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center in Broward County, led the conversation.

“Juneteenth speaks to the resiliency, to the indomitable spirit of the African-American community,” Foster said. “It is family. It is black joy. It is the hope for a brighter future for generations to come. It is truly our freedom day, and we know that because freedom is always worth fighting for.”

Grant, Colbert and Rosen all mentioned that they weren’t taught about Juneteenth growing up and didn’t fully understand its significance until later in life.

Now, all three are learning and embracing the holiday.

“I feel like the change that can possibly happen is with more people talking about [Juneteenth],” Colbert said. “Having these type of conversations will create more opportunities because people will understand where we come from. People will understand what our ancestors fought to get.”

Several Dolphins players also tweeted out messages celebrating.

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