Video: Tua Tagovailoa Reveals Surprise Celebrity Crush, Asks Her to Respond to His Messages

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Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa recently answered some questions in a quick-fire format and revealed who his celebrity crush was.

Not only that, the University of Alabama product also asked his famous crush, singer and songwriter Shania Twain, to respond to his messages.

“Yeah, I’d probably go with Shania Twain,” Tagovailoa admitted. “Shania, if you’re watching this, from this moment on, please message me back.”

Clearly, the 22-year-old gunslinger has no qualms about the fact that Twain is over 30 years his senior.

There’s no doubt that NFL quarterbacks have been known to pair up with celebrity partners. After all, arguably the most famous NFL quarterback in Florida, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, has been married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen for a number of years.

Who’s to say that Tagovailoa can’t follow in Brady’s footsteps and find love with his own celebrity crush?

While the Miami quarterback’s answer is certainly funny, the young man has been reportedly all business since arriving at the team’s practice facilities earlier this week.

In fact, according to one recent report, Tagovailoa is “chomping at the bit” to continue his progression at the next level.

Only time will tell if his play is impressive enough to capture the eyes of his crush.

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