Tua Tagovailoa Announces Insane $300K Scholarship for High School in Honolulu

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New Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is establishing a $300,000 scholarship endowment at his high school in Hawaii as well as four other scholarships for residents of the state.

The endowment will be for students at Saint Louis High School, located in Honolulu, where Tagovailoa attended before receiving a scholarship to the University of Alabama.

The four scholarships will be awarded over the next four years and serve as a tribute to Tagovailoa’s grandparents: Seumaninoa Tagovailoa, Taulia Fa’avi, Leaniva Tagovailoa and Pa’iau Fa’avi.

Last month, Tua Tagovailoa signed his first NFL contract with the Dolphins. The deal is worth a reported $30.28 million, which includes a fifth-year option, signing bonus of $19.6 million and is fully guaranteed.

That contract came as the fifth overall pick in April’s NFL draft and is a deal that both Tagovailoa and the Dolphins hope is the first of multiple deals in the years ahead.

Prior to the start of the 2019 college football season, Tagovailoa was seen as a strong candidate to be the top pick in the draft. However, a pair of injuries, including one that required major hip surgery, caused concerns among some NFL franchises.

The Dolphins were not one of those teams and have focused on Tagovailoa’s continued rehabilitation after the hip surgery.

With the lifting of some restrictions by the NFL, the Dolphins’ medical staff will now be keeping close tabs on Tagovailoa’s health, even though he’s not expected to start this season.

While the philanthropic side of Tagovailoa was on the display in this instance, he’s also shown he’s capable of offering generous gifts to loved ones. On Mother’s Day, he gave his mother a brand new truck.

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