NFL Insider Declares Miami Dolphins Quarterback Battle ‘Already Over’

Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tua Tagovailoa

Despite recent reports that rookie Tua Tagovailoa is expected to be the Miami Dolphins starting quarterback in Week 1 this season, NFL insider Mike Garafolo is not buying into the hype.

Garafolo recently appeared on “NFL Total Access” to express his believe that the Dolphins will end up going with Ryan Fitzpatrick early on in the upcoming NFL season.

In fact, he said that he believes the early season quarterback battle is “already over.”

“A guy that’s started 72 of the last 80 games that Chan Gailey was either a head coach or assistant coach in the NFL. Now he’s the Dolphins offensive coordinator. It’s going to be Fitz,” Garafolo said. “The Dolphins will tell you they won’t shut the door on Tua. But you’re asking a rookie to come into a situation like we got this year, plus his injury history? He’s not going to start this year. Josh Rosen, as much as they turned away trade calls. … I don’t think he’s got a shot either. I’m going with the beard.”

Last season, Fitzpatrick enjoyed a solid year in South Florida. He passed for 3,529 yards and threw 20 touchdowns to 13 interceptions.

While he will likely never be the kind of quarterback that can take a team to the promised land, he is certainly a top-notch game manager and fantastic stopgap for the Dolphins before Tagovailoa takes the reins.

Though Fitzpatrick could very likely begin the season as the starter this year, chances are good that Tagovailoa will be given every opportunity to take over the job throughout the 2020 season.

As Fitzpatrick has indicated, even he will be rooting for his rookie teammate’s success.