Christian Wilkins Shares Harrowing Story About Police Brutality, Says Grandpa Was Killed Due to ‘Mistake’

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Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Christian Wilkins shared a personal story on Wednesday about how unchecked police brutality greatly affected his life.

Wilkins shared a story of how his grandfather was killed, the man that he said he “loved most in the world.”

“On January 5, 2011, my grandfather Eurie Stamps Sr., was unarmed and shot and killed on the floor in his own home by a Framingham SWAT member,” Wilkins wrote. “This was said to be a ‘mistake’ as the officer slipped and fired accidentally. When you break down the word MIStake, you get ‘Miss’ and ‘Take’ as they missed the mark and took my granddad. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him. …

“In the midst of chaos I wanted to bring a message about community and optimism. People may ask me how I am able to strive, but the truth is it’s a struggle. I battle daily for success; because I’m doing it for him. There are a million reasons to give up. … But you only need one to get up. For me it’s honoring the memory of my granddad.

“I carry the pain of my family and other black victims of police brutality. Social injustices like this is why Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and Colin Kaepernick took a knee.”

Wilkins’ story is yet another example of why people are protesting police brutality in the United States.

The 24-year-old called for justice for the late George Floyd in his post, while also stating that, “All lives can’t matter until Black Lives Matter. Everybody do your part. Let’s make a difference.”

Wilkins is just one of many NFL players that have shared their feelings on race relations and police brutality in our country in recent days.

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