Report: Miami Dolphins Willing to Play Tua Tagovailoa This Season

Tua Tagovailoa

The Miami Dolphins are reportedly willing to play rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in his first NFL season.

The Dolphins may start the season with veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick under center, but aren’t opposed to starting Tagovailoa later in the year, according to a recent report.

Fitzpatrick has five years of experience in offensive coordinator Chan Gailey’s system, giving him an inside track to the starting job.

Additionally, there have been concerns about rushing Tagovailoa back from the injuries he sustained in his final season at the University of Alabama.

Analysts around the NFL have had mixed ideas on whether or not the Dolphins should give Tagovailoa a chance in his rookie season.

“You have to draft him to play,” said NFL Network analyst Brian Billick, the former Baltimore Ravens head coach. “Keep him on a 20 to 25 pitch count during the course of the game [as far as pass attempts, initially]. Convert on third down, run the ball and watch him mature.”

Billick makes a good point, but ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky offered a different point of view.

“I beg Chris Grier and Brian Flores,” Orlovsky said. “I feel adamant about this. Do not rush Tua on the field just to get him necessary game reps. He was coached really well at Alabama. He’s going to be mentally ready to play in the NFL at a high level and with speed.

“Allow him to get fully confident both physically and mentally in himself so he can take off…running [in 2021]. Patrick Mahomes played one game at the end of his rookie year.”

Ultimately, Tagovailoa’s playing time in 2020 will depend on his performance, but the Dolphins have left the door open for him to come in and win the job.