Video: Roger Goodell Completely Butchers Tua Tagovailoa’s Name During 2020 NFL Draft

Roger Goodell Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins’ selection of University of Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa with the fifth overall selection came with some humor attached as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell butchered the newest Dolphins’ name.

Goodell obviously knew that he had blundered the pronunciation, given his sheepish grin immediately after his interpretation of the name came out of his mouth.

Had this been a normal draft in front of thousands of knowledgeable NFL fans, it’s likely that Goodell would have been subject to an unrelenting torrent of booing.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Goodell had the luxury of being in his home basement in New York.

In the end, Dolphins fans won’t care how announcers in the future pronounce Tagovailoa’s name. Their only interest will be in seeing that the potential superstar stays healthy and leads the team back to the postseason.