Report: Dolphins Would Have to Offer ‘Ridiculous Haul’ to Land Joe Burrow

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The Miami Dolphins would certainly love to end up with prized quarterback Joe Burrow, but in order to do that they’d have to be willing to give up an unprecedented trade package to the Cincinnati Bengals.

According to ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick, the Dolphins would have to offer the Bengals a “ridiculous haul” to land the gunslinger of their dreams.

“Considering where I am with my program, if I’m the Cincinnati Bengals, knowing that I need a franchise quarterback and I may have my eyes set on the one that I want, what would it take for me to move out of there? Quite honestly, it’d probably take two ones, two twos in order for me to get out of there,” Riddick said. “If you’re Miami, does that mean we swap spots in the first round, then we take your other two first-round picks as well? We take 18 and [No. 26]? Do we then take a two as well? Do we take a two in 2021? If you want me to move out of there, two ones and twos is where we start.”

Considering the expectations that fans and experts alike currently have for Burrow, it’s possible that some would even consider the proposed price as a bargain.

At the moment, it is unclear just how likely a trade is. Surely, chances are slim. However, that does not mean a deal is impossible.

One report states that Burrow himself would be happy to play in Miami. Due to the fact that other rumors have pointed to Burrow’s lack of interest in playing in Cincinnati, is is possible that both the Heisman Trophy winner and the Dolphins could force the Bengals’ hand.

Whether or not that outcome plays out remains to be seen.

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