Jay Cutler’s Former Teammates Explain Why He’s One of the Toughest QBs in the NFL

Jay Cutler

Quarterback Jay Cutler‘s career with the Miami Dolphins started out with a bang last Sunday when the Dolphins bested the Los Angeles Chargers in a 19-17 nail-biter.

While Cutler has long been seen as one of the more physically talented quarterbacks in the league, he has also been one of the more disappointing with just one playoff appearance in his 12-year career. He is also widely considered to be hated by fans regardless of team allegiance. To try and get to the bottom of what makes Cutler such a polarizing figure, Bleacher Report’s Tyler Dunne spoke with a number of Cutler’s former teammates to break down what makes the enigmatic quarterback tick.

First, Dunne relayed the message that while many fans may have a negative opinion of Cutler, his teammates know Cutler couldn’t care less.

“If people think this m———- cares [about criticism], you’re out of your mind,” his former Vanderbilt University teammate Jovan Haye said. “You’re out of your rabbit-a– mind if you think he cares.”

Dunne also addressed the belief that Cutler lacks toughness, and that he has quit on his teammates in the past.

“He took some vicious hits. I mean poundings. There were times he came to the huddle and he was not there, man,” former teammate Marlon White said. “He would never come out of the game. … I know without a shadow of a doubt there were games he played and he was concussed.”

Haye, a former defensive tackle, also had nothing but words of endorsement when it came to Cutler’s grit.

“If he was in my foxhole, I’d feel good, man,” he said. “There’s a lot of quarterbacks I wouldn’t want in my foxhole.”

Dunne also addressed the widely held belief that Cutler may have the strongest arm in the entire NFL. Dolphins head coach Adam Gase had nothing but good things to say about Cutler’s incredible arm talent.

“I had always heard about it,” Gase said. “When I saw it live, I was like, ‘Wow.’ In Chicago, we’d go out to practice and there’d be a ridiculous wind and I’m thinking, ‘Oh, I might have to change the script,’ and he’s like, ‘Don’t worry about it. I’ll be all right.’ That’s a skill.”

Former Bears teammate Corey Wootton also shared his astonishment at the throws Cutler can make on the field:

“On paper, man, in practice you’d see some of the throws and go ‘Wow!’ In the games, sometimes, just unbelievable There’s maybe one other quarterback who can make that throw.”

Finally, his teammates weighed in on the incredible opportunity Cutler now faces to rewrite his own legacy in Miami.

“He could ride out as a knight on a glorified horse,” Erik Davis said. “He can do it. He could shock the world.”

Former Bears cornerback DJ Moore seemed to share the same sentiment.

“I feel he had the tools to be an all-time great, but it never panned out,” he said. “Well, I guess he still has time.”

During last Sunday’s game, Cutler gave us a taste of what he has to offer. He looked comfortable within the offense, made some fantastic throws, and brought home a victory. While many may have a more negative opinion of Cutler, it seems clear that teammates throughout his career have little doubt about what kind of player he is and what he can accomplish.